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Ready to optimise your 2021 with skills for High Performance and productivity?


The VIP community is a special community that helps people learn the skills to learn anything faster. Read more books every week

Help them install the habits of highly effective people 

And help bring out the best in everyone in our circle. 

The VIP pass cost 3k instead of 30k (A one time offer) for the next 21 people to join the Community.

Here is what you get👇🏻👇🏻


This is a premium mentorship clup featuring some of the favourite and best authors in personal and professional development around the world. 

Dissecting and installing the 7 habits of highly effective people.

Hang around people that inspire and motivate you to success. People that deliberately push you to learn more and become more.

Go a little further with Sct Omojefe “Maximize your Full potential” series, and get more value with the VIP members pack which is normally 30k for just 3k today.

Just for today We are giving you a onetime offer to the first 21 people

For a 21-day personal growth and development challenges.

What you get in the VIP package is Valued at over 100,000 naira

1. How to learn anything Fast Master Class pass

2. One on one 120-minute/Life online consultation section

3. Learn speed reading and finish one book everyday with proven techniques 

4. Get free EBook and audiobooks(with voice of the authors) access on

a. The Seven habit of highly effective people by Steven Covey

b. Daily tips on 21 tricks to be a millionaire 

c. Change your thinking, change your life by Brain Tracy

d. Psychology of achievement by Brain Tracy

e. The law of Association by Fela Durotoye

5. The summary Ebook version of the 30 lessons from life by Sct Omojefe Kennedy Orezime.

6. And more


Its time to Live your Dreams, Living intentionally. Network with Smart and Creative circle.

Limited space available.

You remain a member for a year, as long as you complete all group challenges.


✅ All areas of your life would definitely increase 

✅ You would have learnt how to set care goals and achieve more everyday 

✅ You can finish any book (500 pages) in 24 hours or less

✅ You would be able to learn faster, understand better and recall quickly 

✅ You would have the skills to deliberately seek out good companies and associations 

✅More importantly you would achieve more goals and read more books, this year than any other year

✅You would also be admitted into our SMART online community (Start up plan)

Remember: the more you know the better your choices and decisions 

Our Guarantee 

We are 500% plus confident of our process as long as you follow the recommendations your life would be transformed 10x.

If at the end of the program you didn’t learn anything new we would pay you double you registration fee and apologise for time wasted.

OREINNOVATIONS Maximum Your Full Potentials Action Group

Pay online Via

Send Transfer to
Ore Innovation

And Foward proof of payment via WhatsApp to 08067566448.


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