By Archibong Archibong

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”Tony Robbins

To successfully achieve anything in life, the above statement points out that goal setting is a pre-requisite to meet one’s target and gain fulfillment. It goes further to explain that with goal setting, every thought we conceive in our minds can become a reality. Goal setting is therefore the conscious attempt of an individual or group of persons to carefully and systematically plan to achieve something by putting the right tools into use, sketching out the procedures and making room for improvement and evaluation.

 Goal setting is a behavioural pattern which helps to guides our focus and sustains a momentum in life. Focus and consistency cannot thrive in a scenario where goal setting is handled in kids’ gloves.  Goals help align our focus and instill a sense of self-mastery in us. It is a principal tool for helping anyone reach their full potential and gain self-satisfaction. Goals are the targets toward which we point our life.  The joy of having a starting point and successful finishing cannot be realized without setting goals. In other words, it  help us to see where we are going, what changes we need to make and also see if we are progressing towards getting the prize.

We have both long term and short term goals. Setting them at the first instance and religiously keeping to its demands is a sure way to attain a maximum height. With diligence and self- discipline, it will be easy to prioritize our focus on certain things. That is why before setting goals, it is necessary that we make our goals SMART. SMART is a widely used acronym which guides people when setting goals and objectives for themselves.

S – Specific; implying that before setting goals, we should know exactly what we are doing, not just vague presumptions and dreams.

M – Measurable; we can stay focused and on track if the level of our progress can be measured.

A – Attainable; setting goals should be backed with reality and possible ways of achieving them.

R – Relevant; this implies that goals should serve a purpose for which it was set. Goals should not just come as a result of impulse but should be directed towards solving a particular problem of the moment.

T – Time; for goals to be attainable, it is needful we establish deadlines for its execution and completion.   

There are many reasons why goal setting is considered important. Some of them include;

Goal setting helps in dealing with the issue of Procrastination

Everyone at some point in their lives indulge in procrastination. It is one of those factors behind failure and project abandonment, in that it deludes us of fresh ideas in achieving success. It is wasted a time and another day that keeps us away from achieving that goal.  However, when we set goals in life, specific goals for what we want to achieve, it helps us understand that procrastination is dangerous and should be avoided.

Goal setting helps us in measuring our progress

We can only keep track of our progress towards achieving a goal if we set one in the first place. Measuring our progress is quite rewarding as it will keep us enthusiastic and focused. It is also a way of encouraging us to do more because when we work over a certain time and no result is evident, it can weigh us down and clothe us in the near success syndrome. However, when we measure progress while working towards a specific goal, we will be able to see that though we have  not achieve all we wanted, but at least we have made efforts in the right direction and we are a lot better off than when we started.

 Goals give a sense of personal satisfaction

Goal setting gives us a sense of confidence and satisfaction because though it may seem overwhelming at the start, when we apply the right principles, we will achieve great success. It is that factor that gives fulfillment and sense of purpose in life.

Goal setting helps us to make choices and set priorities

It is important we know that there are never enough resources to everything we want to. This is where goal setting comes into play because it helps us to determine what we really want to do with the resources available and also give a step-by-step procedure on whatever we have to do. Sometimes when things are not working for us in any venture, through setting goals we can change the route we are taking to achieve our goal.

Goal setting help maintains patience and perseverance

Most times, not completing a project can make us feel like a failure, but when we set our goals right we will see the need to wait till we hit the finishing line. Truthfully, consistently achieving our goals could be challenging; when setting, it is important we identify the barrier we may like face so that the zeal to achieve more will continue to burn.  

Goal setting is a powerful tool for thinking about an ideal future, and for motivating ourselves to turn our visions into reality. It will help us choose where we want to go in life, knowing exactly what we want to achieve, and of course know where to direct our efforts to.  If we consistently write our goals and diligently follow them, we will not only achieve them for our individual benefit, but affect others positively.


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