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Consistency is a conscious attempt to do something or behave in the same way or manner over time. Everyone needs consistency whether regards running a business, investing, supervising, exercising or researching. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum. It is a pre-requisite to success and of course the difference between success and failure. A wise man once said “success is neither magical nor mysterious; rather it is a natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals”.

………Unsplash photo by Bruno Nascimento………..

Consistency does not mean settling for what is not necessarily functional nor is it sticking with something that is not working for you, your relationship or your career. It doesn’t mean you must follow old-fashioned ways or ideas that have become obsolete and do not longer apply in today’s world. As much as the world is changing at an exponentially quicker rate than ever before, consistency does not mean you don’t change with the times.

Consistency therefore entails doing what works. It means sticking with the tried-and-true principles. It is also about being regular and steady. You have to put in consistent work in order to see results. This is true of everything in life from your work life to home life to social life. If you’re looking to get fit, for example, consistently working out 3 times a week is much better than intensely working out every single day and then burning out. You need to put in the effort and results will follow. There’s just no way around it.

The importance of consistency in our daily activities, businesses and relationships cannot be over emphasized. As it is said “ small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” it is in the light of this that it can be concluded that consistency and discipline are synonymous , thus leading us to the following benefits;

  • It can fast track your improvement or development in any area. Consistency will lead to progress, which can speed up the accomplishment of what we want. This will build our self-confidence, which will help us set bigger and more challenging goals.
  • It will create accountability. Your results will reveal if you are consistent or not. If you know you are not on track, you can hold yourself accountable. This means you can adjust your actions or behaviours by keep progressing towards what you want.
  • Discipline and self-control is developed in an individual through consistency. Forming a new habit can be challenging because it’s easier to go back to what we are comfortable with. Your ability to be consistent requires self-control, which means you must not allow ourselves to get off track. This will help you develop the discipline required to keep you going.
  • It will help you stand out or be noticed. Small actions carried out repeatedly will amount to big results over time. When you do something for a long period, you will distinguish yourself from those who aren’t consistent. This can help you attract new opportunities that may not have been possible if you hadn’t been consistent.
  • It cultivates a sense of trust in us and others. The level of trust we have with ourselves shows up in the level of trust others have with us. Being consistent will help build momentum. This means we’ll also feel good about what we’re working towards.

We can accomplish and record success in anything we want in life if we have the right strategies and take the right actions consistently. When we use consistency to our advantage, it will show up in how we feel and the results we create. If we don’t develop a sense consistency in our dealings, the chances of achieving what we want, when we want, is very slim.

Photo by Brett Jordan


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