By Archibong Archibong

Talent management is basically concerned with coordinating, collaborating and managing the different talents people have to offer within an organization. It involves the identification, engagement, development and retention of persons who are of particular to an organization. This is done by studying and examining each individual on the basis of their skills, potentials, talents, personality, and their ability to fulfill a specific job role or their character in relation to filling a particular vacancy within an organization. Talent management indicates the skills of attracting highly skilled workers, integrating new workers, and improving and retaining current workers to meet the current and future business objectives.

...……Unsplash photo by Scott Graham……

Every individual has different skills to offer and the difficult part for a company is choosing those individuals who fit in with the existing company culture. Effective HR procedures will be able to identify these individuals and appoint them appropriately. It is essential that the right candidates having the required skills are recruited into organizations in order to make use of their skills and utilize them for the development of both the individual as well as the company. This is possible only with the help of talent management.

After gathering all the skilled people required for the job, we need to develop and engage them. This can be done by first identifying where an employee is most proficient in as well take into consideration how to expand his/her knowledge to fulfill future challenges of the organization. Additionally, the management of any organization should deliberately keep the employees enthusiastic by engaging them in tasks that exposes them to more learning and experiences not monotony of responsibility.

.…….Unsplash photo by Casey Horner…….

If talent management is done properly, it would lead the organization prosper wonderfully, as all the employees in the firm would be masters in their own department and will give their best to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. That way, the competency gap between necessary competencies by the industry and available competencies minimizes significantly.



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