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Want To Grow Faster? 4 Tips 10x Your Personal  Development 

When it comes to personal development, it’s often the little stuff that often makes the biggest difference. Personal development is a continuous process. It is a pattern in which people can grade their talents and skills. It also cuts across evaluating your values and life goals and upgrading your qualities and skills to increase your relevance. There are a lot of motivational articles that have been written as shortcuts to success, this is not one of those articles. This guide serves as a starting point and reference for people who are on a journey of personal development.

So, how do you accelerate your own personal development?

By focusing on the small things :

  1. Create a good habit routine 

      Creating a good habit routine helps you keep your eye on the ‘prize’, you’re focused on the process, rather than the outcome. You’re not bent on becoming a world-class Software Developer, instead, you’re just trying to code every day and become good at it. Creating a good habit routine creates a visible cue that reminds you to take full responsibility and act, and this is very rewarding whenever you hit a milestone. Knowing that you are making progress is one of the most satisfying feelings.

  1. Have an accountability partner 

       An accountability partner is like a partnership where you mutually agree to coach each other and provide feedback on a regular basis. Having an accountability partner is also an avenue for you to check for growth and stay consistent. Simply having an accountability partner is useful and aids personal development. The fact that someone is watching you can be a powerful motivator, you are less likely to give up or procrastinate because you know that you have to give an account of the process. Having an accountability partner helps you to be trustworthy, honest and hardworking. Suddenly the reality that you might fail to uphold your promises to others hit’s really hard and you strive to work towards achieving your goals. The human mind is centred around presenting our best selves to the world. We care about the reactions of those around us, this is exactly why getting an accountability partner should be part of your roadmap to self-development.

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  1. Stay motivated in Life and Work

         One of the ways in which one can stay motivated in life and work is by striking a balance when setting up a challenge, research has it that humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are in the middle of their current abilities. Not too bad, not too easy, just right. When you begin a new habit, it’s important to keep the challenge as easy as possible so you can master it against the odds. Once a habit has been mastered, however, it’s important to continue progressively to advance in bits. For instance, if you are learning Frontend web development as a beginner you are encouraged to start with HTML because it is quite beginner-friendly, progressively you move to CSS and thereafter JavaScript and in the long run, you might even pick up a framework to learn. Improvement requires a delicate balance. You need to regularly search for challenges that push you to your edge while continuing to make enough progress to stay motivated. 

  1. Make adjustments. “Step outside your comfort zone” 

          Reflection and review enable long-term Improvement and help one to make adjustments where necessary, it makes you aware of your flaws and helps you consider possible paths for improvement. Reflection and review ensure that you spend your time on the right things and make corrections whenever necessary. Making adjustments comes at a cost, which means you step outside your comfort zone, in order to record groundbreaking success. At first, each repetition develops fluency, skill and speed. But then as you improve, you need to make adjustments and be sensitive to feedback. If you do not make adjustments you assume you’re getting better because you’re gaining experience. In reality, you merely reinforce your current habits “not improving them”. However, if you want to maximize your potential and achieve elite levels of performance, you need a more nuanced approach. You can’t repeat the same things blindly and expect to become exceptional.

You have to believe in where you’re going before anyone else can.

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