The course covers all the basics of Affiliate marketing. It’s coupled with practical guides to setting up and implementing various marketing strategies and even earning money while in training.

You will learn how to create a marketing channel by:

  • Effective copywriting
  • Developing leads and sales funnels
  • Converting interest to sales
  • Recognise how feedback and nonverbal cues affect your marketing strategy.

NOTE: You would be required to pay a sum of 3500 naira for your Certificate and learning materials.

Payment Break Down

  • 1500 naira Registration and Materials
  • 2000 naira certification

Account Name: Ore Innovations
• Bank: UBA, Current account
• 1020942330
And send proof of payment to 08067566448 via what’s app.

SCHEDULE 10:00am to 2:00pm GMT  

  • Opening: Presentation Boaster (5 mins) 
  • Ice Beakers: Introduction (15 mins) 
  • Part 1 Training: (40 mins) 
  • Class Activity: (20 mins) 
  • Snack Break / Networking Section: (15 mins) 
  • Part 2: (40 hour) 
  • Group Activity: (20 mins) 


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