In both your professional and personal lives, being able to communicate clearly and coherently is essential. The essential components of any conversation are identified in this course. Explore the communication process and how various communication styles impact your personal style to become a better communicator.

You will learn how to communicate with others by:

  • Learn how to have better conversations by considering the four essential components.
  • Take on speaker, listener, and observer roles to appreciate the art of conversation.
  • Create the ideal environment for communication by being empathic, asking the right questions, and comprehending the other person’s perspective.
  • Recognise how feedback and nonverbal cues affect how your message is received.

NOTE: You would be required to pay a sum of 2000 naira for your Certificate and learning materials.

SCHEDULE 10:00am to 2:00pm GMT  

  • Opening: Presentation Boaster (5 mins) 
  • Ice Beakers: Introduction (15 mins) 
  • Part 1 Training: (40 mins) 
  • Class Activity: (20 mins) 
  • Snack Break / Networking Section: (15 mins) 
  • Part 2: (40 hour) 
  • Group Activity: (20 mins) 


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