ORE/QBS business Development Centre

The business development center is designed to equip businesses and entrepreneurs with tools needed for success, Strategy, planning and execution.

Our Key words are Strategize |plan | execute. Taking the right step from the start would grant long run success of your business, we offer services in product management and development as well as others packages to boast your business profitability.


Course are practical base to enable you to get the full transformation experience.


Trained and seasoned professionals


Learn from practical and real-life experience

  • Online Guided Trainings
  • Live Workshops and Serminals
  • Business Breakfast/ Q &A sessions with Business Mentors

Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you. – Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO


In the last 12 months, we have helped 3 start-ups in our incubation program generate over 4.5 million nairas. The businesses are well structured to scale for more

Ore Innovation: Business Development Center.


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“I really enjoyed the lesson. I certainly would recommend this to total beginners and to people like myself who need to consolidate the knowledge that they have attained over time.”
Beth S.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better grounding in Building a business and Digital Marketing, understand my strength and weakness as an entrepreneur. It was the best way to flatten out a steep learning curve!”
Matthew D.


Learning Objective.
On completion of the course, students would be able to

✅ Understand the key elements of a successful business
✅Learn how to build and test prototype
✅Learn to work on business profitability and financing through practice experience
✅ Develop the skill and confidence to run a successful enterprise
✅ Analyse the marketplace and make use of available tools for marketing plans and marketing strategy
✅Apply proven business principles and laws
✅Define and develop an advanced business model
✅To explain the basic steps in a business start-up.
✅ Join the One-year business incubation and alumni induction.

Topics to be covered include;

  1. Fundamental of Starting a business
  2. Creating a business plan
  3. Identifying your Market
  4. Key elements of business success
  5. Pitching your business ideas for investment
  6. Incorporating Digital tools for Success in your Startup.
  7. Prototyping and more.

During the course, a personal mentor would be attached to each participant whose role is to guide the applicants in completing their learning tasks.

Successful graduates would receive a certificate signed by Ore Innovation/ Questrom Business School / Nigerian Price For Leadership Entrepreneurs and Would be profiled on our Alumni Page.

Course Duration:
4 weeks. (2 classes weekly with access to business Q and A sections) Those Outside Calabar do all their class online.

Training Days: Tuesdays, and Fridays. 3pm to 6pm

Special Features
✅Business Round table breakfast meeting
✅ Project Financing
✅ Business Grant /Loans
✅ Student profiling on the Alumni platforms
✅ And lots more

All participants would have the opportunity of contesting the $1000 Startup grant competition. (terms and conditions apply)