Growing local farms into tourists site for youths and national development

This is a system that encourages Nigerians and Africans (especially youths) to go into farming as a valuable tool for national and youth development. It encourages people to support one another in raising the funds needed to set up small to mega farms. We aim at setting up a complete farming communities through this initiative.


What We Do

Trees and vegetable farming

We plant economic trees that would form both a plantation and a tourist site that belongs to our members for life

We produce organic vegetable that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible. through member own farms.

We have investments in different sizes of farm available for various food products, from individuals to families bases.

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Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to grow farms and eat healthily. Farm villa means working with nature. We’re coming into a fantastic time for the African market. Investment in our farming system would give you.

● Allocated Land Space
●Tree Farming
●Live stock/crop farming
●Our weekly healthy living newsletter.
●Free gardening and Livestock training.
●10% Discount card on all farm produce
● Free membership to our Fitness Club Nationwide
● Full access to all our Agriculture and Health courses
●Related SDGs training and certification

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Program”

Their program is brilliant! I really hope many youth are now using your service.

Commissioner for Environment

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the flexibility”

I am very happy with the packages and the trains and opportunities provides

Darah Rosemary

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Fantastic Innovation”

I’m really appreciating the quality and presentation of the whole package. Their expertise is second to non.

Archibong Archibong



This is an investment and training system that works on a cooperative structure, it’s not a system that promises you maximum profit in a short period of time, ‘‘No’’. It’s a system designed to encourage you join a group of friends and family to start a farm that everyone would benefit from. It can be summarized in saying we are creating a system where, 1 million people can donate 2000 naira each and that money would be directed fully to agriculture and food security. (Farming, training and food processing).

Now imagine what that would do for our country immediately

  • You get access to modern farming tools
  • Expert trainings
  • Food processing units on stand by

Remember the goal of the system is to encourage people to raise funds needed to set up mega farms community that would eventually bring down the price of food and cost of living to the average Nigerian, provide employment opportunities and promote a healthy life style.

This is not a get rich quick scheme or is it a quick fix program, “except you know how to make orange tree grow overnight or can produce a bag of beans in 5 minutes” but if not, we grow, stage by stage and in 3 – 10 years Nigeria as we know it would be a first-class world garden home.

Your membership includes:

  • 10 percent card to all members: the farm produce would be made available to members at designated warehouses at 10% less then public price.
  • Free Agricultural and horticultural training
  • Fast sales and marketing opportunities for farm goods
  • Recommendations to support your health goals
  • And many more.
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