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Apply to OI SMART Network and Get Your Membership ID.


Whats you stand to Gain From Your Membership Plan

Basic Membership #1,000 (Instead of 10,000)

 Monthly Book reading and book review section
 Daily learning, motivation and growth tips
 Access to monthly Ebook version
 Access to Group learning and task
 Pay for Courses with Silver Koin
 Sign Up to Website to revive opportunity updates
 Goal Setting Master Class  Pays #1,000 activation Fee
Earn points for each referral

Regular Plan (All Above Plus) #3,000 (Instead of 30,000)
 Group mentorship session with our SMART facilitators

 One on One mentorship session
 Specific opportunity updates, Scholarships and Job opening
 Earn Points from participating in Surveys
 Access to Live Face to Face Community meetings
 Receive Audio Book version of Monthly books
 Free Access to Foundation Members masterclasses

Professional Plan (All Above Plus) #5,500 (Instead of 50,500)
 Free pass to Annual SMART summit
 Personal and skill development loan
 Receive Silver Koin Point of each referral
 No Interest loan access
 1 GB data for each Professional referral
 Life Plan Development Session

Business Plan (All Above Plus) #10,000 (Instead of 100,000)
 Business Analysis and Branding Services
 Business plan development training
 Access to over 2000 EBooks and audiobook database
 Access to the Face to Face library
 Exclusive business Skill development invite and seminar
 Team/staff Training

Monthly Due of 100 SilverKoin points applies to all Plans
All Payments are Exclusive of Face to Face Hub Dues as decided by the chapter and Special Community levy to fit.

The system used a cryptocurrency known as Silver Koin. 1 Silver Koin is current 1.7dollars or 500 naira. You earn points that can be converted to Silver Koin when you use the system.

You can sell your also Silver Koin or points as Add credit

picLearn and earn on different levels.

Make payment to

Account Number: 1020942330

Account Name: Ore Innovations

Account type: Current

Bank: UBA


Basic Membership
  • or
  • 10,000 Naira
Regular Plan
  • or
  • 30,000 Naira
Professional Plan
  • or
  • 50,500 Naira
Business Plan

  • or
  • 100,000 Naira

Membership Categories

  • Regular Plan          10,000 naira         Basic Membership
  • VIP Plan          30,000 naira         Gold Package
  • Professional Plan       50,500 naira         Diamond Package
  • Business Plan 100,000 naira        Platinum Package

Welcome to the SMART Network Powered by SilverKoin.

What is SilverKoin.

Silver Koin is a learning currency with you can exchange in our network and any of our affiliate learning sites for skills, knowledge, and products.

How to earn Silver Koin

  1. By competing Learn Tasks and recommend Surveys.
  2. By Referrals

*300 points when you refer a VIP Member

*You earn 50 points when you refer a Regular Member.

*500 points when you refer a Business Member

  1. You Can Purchase SK with Cash or Covert your points to Silver Koin. 1 SK equals 500 points, 500 naira or 2$. (Rate are subject to increase as the rate of use increases)

What you can buy with your SK.

  1. Pay platform monthly subscription fee of 100 points.
  2. Pay for courses, Skill acquisition training, workshop and Seminars on the network
  3. Access to No interest Business Start-Up loan from the Organisation.
  4. Convert Points to data (All networks)

Free 1G Data
You also earn 500MB of free data in addition to your Silver Koin 300 points for the first 2 Paid members you refer.

Complete your registration and start enjoying your Membership. Learning and growing every day is the Goal, For personal and professional development, Good health and well-being.

The platform gives you the opportunity to join a specific learning community and grow your network.

What is the OI SMART Network
A learning community specially designed TO HELP YOU ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS. This network is meant for those who

■Are interested in personal and professional development

■Want to discover more about yourself and enter into a journey of self-mastery

■ Want to improve their learning ability. To be able to learn faster and Never forget

■Love to live a healthier and happier life

■Collaborate with like minds and take action

The opportunity is here: the SMART network is a learning system that brings together people from various fields that are interested in personal growth and development, giving you an opportunity to learn, earn, network and get inspired.

We believe in setting SMART goals & helping you accomplish them.