The SMART network is a membership network for anyone interested in personal professional development. A journey of Self-discovery and Self Mastery designed to help you MEET, LEARN, EARN, GET INSPIRED and CONNECT with like minds.

We believe in setting SMART goals & helping you accomplish them

Creativity and Critical thinking is our principle.

Consistency is our watchword


S – Specific, M –measurable, A –attainable, R –realistic, T –time bound

Specific: it’s designed to promote and unite young adults; build trust and relationships. Provide them with access to interest-free load as we help them to build one another, collaborate in projects and build partnerships to fund any skill.

Measurable: Your growth is measured by the number of people you have imparted with the information learnt from our partners. The growth of the organization is measured by the number of people imparted in a year. We are working to impart a minimum of 5000 youths every year for 10 years.

Attainable: the program’s prototype tested last 2 years was a huge success with over 90% Interest rate. Our field of play/target members are young adults, higher secondary to young graduate level. In a population of over 80 million young adults, we are looking to impart 5000 every year. That’s attainable.

Realistic: Skills imparted far surpass any membership fee; we provide more value for your money and also pay you when you help us impart others. Your earned skills would double your earning in any field. We teach proven success strategists from world coaches like Brain Tracy, John C Maxwell, Steven Covey, Dangote, Bill gate, and many other successful Nigerians applying these principles and making it.

Time-bound: We work based on specific time. Our time management course would for a fact change your life. We run a yearly membership subscription. Payment of loans are yearly and leadership bonuses are also paid every year. Train sections are quarterly with both online training and visual workshops sections.


Mentoring young adults in building a 21st-century personality. While providing them with information on how to build foundational skills with meaningful relationships for lifetime partnership and success, with access to interest-free loans from Ore innovations and partners.


  • Coach and provide youths with the basic foundations for success.
  • To provide skill empowerment fund.
  • Access to business, start up and personal purpose funding.
  • Become part of a large network united by purpose.
  • Free business and entrepreneurship training.
  • Upgrade members to other funding and youth development initiative.
  • Provide membership, counselling and guidance services.


Only by joining through an existing member, friends or family. This is because we like to know you and connect with you on a trusted level.


We grow by learning, sharing and earning. When you learn you help/mentor other people to learn and grow together. Your level increases by the number of people you have imparted directly or indirectly and you earn leadership points in silver Koin.

Points accumulated would be updated on your membership dashboard at the end of every week.

Source of funding for the Membership program.

  1. Ore Innovation yearly support funds.
  2. Membership dues.
  3. Sales of statically data’s as complied by the members.
  4. Paid surveys.
  5. Site Advertisement.
  6. Other private investors and partners.

Membership Categories

  • Entry level          1000 naira (90% Discounted)            grade 1
  • Course level           5500 naira  (90% Discounted)           grade 2

(Note: 90% Discount Ends soon)

Upgrading from any level attracts extra charges.

Special Bonus:

  • You get up to 100% of all point loans when you sign up with our affiliate organizations (number 1. The transformation Home) and follow all our partners on their social media platforms. (That is you getting paid for following members on social media.)
  • Instant earn of 500 points and 1gb data when 1 person subscribe for our membership service through you and another 100-500 point as they complete any course. (isn’t that just great).
  • Skill acquisition funds can be accessed when you have up-to 5000 point which can be pay back though our skill share platform i.e. after your training, you train a minimum of two to three persons as payment. Plus we still pay you a minimum teacher’s fee.
  • Back to school loans are those who wish to continue their education but do not have the means or they need extra support. You do not pay back as long as you maintain a CGPA of 3.5 and Distinction for Diploma Courses. Then you pledge to support other members in our back to school program, when you become financially stable yourself (15,000 points to qualify).
  • Membership give you access to bid for the1000 dolar Innovation / social entrepreneurship grant every year.

Fund request

  • Skill Building from grade 1.
  • Business loan from grade 2 upward
  • Personal purpose loan from grade 3 upward
  • Double point loan from grade 4 (Business Members only)

This system is as a result of over 5 years of study and research in the area of people’s development, digital marketing, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship for Nations building and over 10 years of experience in leadership positions. Learn more about me on the academy: The journey so far. teaming up with other successful and inspirational leaders to bring you the best training there is. I remain my humble self, Scientist Omojefe Kennedy Orezime in the business of ideas for the growth and development of fellow man.

People are created to live as units and teams, all linked in a complete network, we are not created to do things all by ourselves, you can always learn and get help from others. Let’s help you get started. Everything is better when we do it together

“Omojefe Kennedy Orezime”


We inspire you daily


Help you Build Strategy


And Keep you Focus on the Price

Let’s build something together.