By Molly Unoh

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible

Tony Robbins

We’re in a demented world where only few are trying to keep their sanity, only a few are conscious of where they’re headed, only a few are goal-oriented. Setting goals is paramount as life itself and the air we breathe to stay alive. Just like a sailor is with a compass so is your goal, when it’s drafted out, it gives direction at every point in time it helps keep your focus

In the long run we all need goals which could be a long term or short term goal but whichever term be sure to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound) goals that are well aligned with our dreams or vision. It’s not just enough to set goals and go to slumber waiting for the goals to work themselves out and perform the steps.

After your goal setting, that’s where action should begin, move to your drawing board draw out your plans, if they seem too big don’t worry much you’re allowed to break your goals into objectives they are yours by the way so you have to set to the level you can achieve daily or per time. If you think they ain’t well broken down, you can break them further to nuts even to the simplest possible form you can keep track of.

Most importantly time management should be duly observed because you don’t want to use the whole day for a single task. Goals can help you keep track of your progress, so if you really do want to monitor your progress and pave your path to success take up a pen and draft out your goal or if you did already but stopped along you can review your goals and fall back to it wholeheartedly without knowing any limitations to what you can achieve.


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