Learning how to THRIVE IN SPITE of CHANGES

Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

There is a saying that goes, “The only constant in life changes.” Whether or not this is true, one should not question why there will always be changes; rather, one should focus on how to thrive in spite of them. This article will provide some important considerations as we prepare for and take advantage of the changes.

First things first; NEVER LOOSE SIGHT OF YOUR FOCUS: It was Napoleon hill that said “what you focus on expands” this is true, as changes occur of their own accord, for us to be able to still thrive successfully; we must never lose sight of our dreams, goals and aspirations in life. As we focus on them the ability to adapt and soar through the storms of life and the changes it comes with is activated. Living a fulfilled or joy-filled life is thriving; this is majorly known by how many of the goals we achieve, be it daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. 

Here are a few practical steps to guide you:

1. Define your goals and dreams 

2. Outline the steps to be taken to actualize these dreams 

3. Write the steps down THRIVING IN SPITE OF CHANGE

4. Break those steps into hourly or daily targets 

5. Make a vision board (i.e. a pictorial representation of your goals and dreams)

6. Be passionate about life and making it work favourably: it’ is not enough to be aware of changes in life, you have to be passionate about life to actually navigate through it successfully and passion is that strong liking and compelling emotion that drives our actions and response towards a thing. 

After knowing and defining your dreams and visions, you have to be passionate about them too. A passion developed; makes the changes of life almost invisible, bearable and exciting over time, we have to develop that love and sustain it towards life and this is done through our dreams, goals and visions. Now don’t just try, but be determined to make it happen by trying as many times as you can, and never stop until you make things work out the way you envisioned them to be. Passion pays and cannot be dispensed if one must thrive in life.

7. Keep your imaginations alive: self-talk and keep the right attitude always. Life is tough and does not pity the faint-hearted or the poor-minded. We as human beings are not static mentally hence the need to talk positively to build our minds and mentally stay positive. Keeping our imaginations alive and self-talking will ensure our energy is steadily high, it would also allow for inspiration and creativity as we work.

THRIVING IN SPITE of CHANGES is moving from awareness to desires, it is taking on life and directing the cause of life over us. I hope we do thrive amidst the current changes in life.


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