By Archibong Archibong

Knowledge is a universal gift and everybody is entitled to gain knowledge in whatever field they desire. As such, it is necessary that knowledge is transferred from one entity to another to allow for free flow and smooth running of activities. When it has been transferred, whoever the knowledge is been transferred to must utilize it under the supervision of the source. Most often people feel, once they gain knowledge, they have become experts automatically without trial, assessment and criticism from others. The question of whether an individual needs a coach or not should not be subject to debate or argument.  On the contrary, most persons feel subjecting them to tutelage is rather degrading.

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Coaching is as old as the existence of man itself. Right from birth, there was someone who whether blood related or not that looked after you and ensured you made right choices and decisions. As you grow, you discover you were allowed to try new things, make mistakes and then get corrected. A simple analogy of a young entrepreneur who wants to start a vocational business. He must have first consulted existing people in the business, learn the dos and don’ts involved, understand the marketing strategies,  possible challenges expected in the course of running the business and of course the various ways of facing those challenges when they arise. Thereafter to expand upon the successes recorded, he may need to bring in people considered as experts to expose him to more knowledge relating to the business.

From the above, you will notice coaching is something we cannot do without. In every aspect of our lives, we need a coach. Whether in academics, career choice, business or family life, there must be that one person you can run to when faced with difficulties, someone who is always willing to provide counsel and ease burden or pain. Therefore, it is expected that you should have someone who leads you in the right path, either through useful communication or practical exhibition.  It is important to note that coaching improve work performance and build effective communication skills among team members. To an individual, the benefits are numerous as it affects all aspects of life.

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  •  Having a coach builds personal awareness. Personal awareness is a way you identify your strength and weaknesses. When you allow yourself to be coached, it will help you to improve on yourself and most importantly, discover your blind spot.  Blind spot is an unknown area of your personality and lifestyle that needs improvement. Once you are aware of that area, you begin to work with your coach to improve it.  A great way to build personal awareness is through personality assessments. These assessments are easily administered, and the results recorded, using coaching software. Through building personal awareness, you can turn your unknown weaknesses into marketable strengths.  Thus you will see that in the future it will help to boost your confidence as well as develop your talents.
  •  It support and empowers you. When you are encouraged, It increases your level of confidence and emotional intelligence. Well trained coaches empathetically listen, provide constructive feedback, and use powerful questions to help you to oftentimes solve your own problem. Simply knowing that someone is there specifically to help you achieve your goals is an important part of progress.  Nothing is more empowering and supportive than when the coach invites you to his space and encourages you to discover new things.
  • It creates the willingness to invest in yourself.  Through coaching you will transit from mere talking about your dreams into living them. Having the right coach with you will give you the courage to take a step further to greatness. Their words of encouragement will boost your morale.

The benefits of having a coach are quite vast. If you don’t have one, work on getting one today. Improve on your skills and become the best version of yourself



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